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Our story: We have grown successfully for over six decades

As a modern company, we are proud of our past



At the beginning there were two men...

Ferdinand Bilstein and Arnold Siekermann decided to set up a company in the Eifel region. To the future directors, this area offered both the best conditions and the support of the town of Hillesheim.

At the beginning there were two men...

With the support of Hillesheim...

Hillesheim provides a suitable building site for the premises. Construction of the first production hall is started in April and production is scheduled to start in September with five employees. On 3rd October 1956, the company is officially opened under the name “Bilstein & Siekermann®”. By the end of the year, the number of employees had already risen to 15.

With the support of Hillesheim...

A training workshop is opened...

The first apprentices are recruited to meet the company’s future need for specialists. This paves the way for its own training workshop. At the time, the product range included screw plugs according to DIN drawings, slotted nuts and customer-specific parts.

A training workshop is opened...

50 employees elect a council...

The 50th employee is hired and the refurbishment of the rooms for the purchasing, sales and administration departments becomes necessary; the first works council is formed.


Storming ahead...

Instead of the conventional manufacture of screw plugs by machining, the more cost-effective cold forming method is now used.


The challenges of expansion...

Cold forming and the acquisition of more six-spindle lathes bring further challenges. The next step is to expand the production halls that will also accommodate a larger training workshop.

The challenges of expansion...

Suddenly, having big shoes to fill...

On 11th May 1967, Ferdinand Bilstein, the co-founder of the newly built Hillesheim plant, suddenly dies. Rolf Bilstein takes on the responsibility for many jobs. He breaks off his university studies and dedicates himself to the commercial interests of the company, during the difficult time after his father's death.


In transition...

Bilstein & Siekermann® becomes a GmbH & Co. KG with the managing directors Rolf Bilstein and Arnold Siekermann. In the same year, Rolf Bilstein returns to the plant in Voerde and takes his father’s place on the executive board. Further expansion is needed in Hillesheim; the expansion of the automatic lathe and cold forming plant will ensure the company's continued existence.


Management expansion...

Bilstein & Siekermann® enjoys commercial success thanks to the constantly growing number of private vehicles. Bernd Clever joins the management team.


Traditional and modern...

Dieter Siekermann replaces his father Arnold Siekermann on the executive board of Bilstein & Siekermann GmbH & Co. KG. Further structural extensions follow, as well as the expansion of the automatic lathe and cold forming units.


Beyond the 12,000...

Bilstein & Siekermann® equips itself for the future with the completion of a new production and warehousing facility. It now has an overall floor space of 12,000 m2.


Another member...

In order to secure the company's future in the long term, the Bilstein & Siekermann® family of owners decide to sell their shares to INDUS Holding AG.

Another member...

In its original sense...

As a subsidiary of INDUS Holding AG, Bilstein & Siekermann® can continue to focus on continuity and growth. This is demonstrated by the investments made over the last four years. In addition to multi-spindle lathe machines, in 2005 the company invests in a new 5-stage cold forming machine. Bilstein & Siekermann® aims to expand its market position by investing in new technologies.

At the end of April 2006, Bernd Clever goes into well-earned retirement after 30 years of service in the company. Bruno Hirtz takes over as Managing Director in Hillesheim in March 2006.


New dimensions...

Bilstein & Siekermann® invests in a new cold forming press with six stages and a maximum wire diameter of 28 mm and can offer more complex components with a significantly larger dimension with a pressing force of 3,600 kN.


Complexity taken one step further...

Investments are also made in the area of further processing to exploit the possibilities of the new cold forming press with respect to more complex components. Two lines with three CNC lathes and robotic loading are commissioned in June.


Transport redefined...

The second cold forming press with six steps is commissioned. A maximum wire diameter of 22 mm can now be formed with a pressing force of 2750 kN. The new feature of the machine is the NC-controlled transport slide that opens up new possibilities when handling parts during the process.

Transport redefined...

Double is less trouble...

Bilstein & Siekermann® invests in CNC twin-spindle lathes to meet the requirements of the increasingly complex components. On the one hand, these systems offer the possibility to carry out machining on two spindles in parallel, and, on the other hand, it is possible to form the back of the workpieces after processing the front and re-clamping.


The Far East...

In spring 2015, a strategic decision is taken to open a production plant in China to allow the company to supply their customers in China locally. After selecting a suitable location in Taicang, the company Bilstein & Siekermann Cold Forming (Taicang) Co., Ltd. is founded in the autumn and construction work commences.

Investments are also made in Hillesheim. Another CNC twin-spindle lathe is commissioned.

The Far East...

Successful start...

15 months after the decision was made to open a plant in China, the Taicang production plant is officially opened in a formal ceremony. Two months later, the first series deliveries are made to our local customers.


Brands and more than hot air...

To give the products and processes an identity, their own product brands are developed:
BSH cold forming® for the production of cold forming parts and their further processing
BSH flat® for recalibrating threads after surface coating
BSH sealing-M® for screw plugs with a captive metal sealing ring
BSH sealing-E® for screw plugs with a captive elastomeric sealing ring
BSH clean® for parts with special requirements for component cleanliness

The international registration of our brands is successfully completed in 2017.

Brands and more than hot air...

Consistent expansion of the product and service range

We pursue a consistent strategy of becoming an efficient partner for complex components to our customers. Other product brands round off the range of services offered by Bilstein & Siekermann®:

  • BSH turning for customer-specific turned components
  • BSH engineering for technical feasibility studies
  • BSH plug – our screw plug for the reliable sealing of gases and liquids
  • BSH integrated services for our additional services for processing and upgrading components
  • BSH sealing-T for sealed thread connections
  • BSH coating for protection against corrosion through surface treatment
  • BSH magnetic for filtering out residual particles
  • BSH solid for building parts with higher strength requirements

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