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InTech+ is our in-house knowledge base

Our InTech+ Competence Centre pools our experience of the last 60 years in a unique database and makes this accumulated company knowledge available to all employees and particularly to the development teams. The goal is for all teams to have digital access to it. InTech+ contains:

  • Expertise from production, design and quality management on processes, materials, methods and applications
  • Customer experience, customer requirements, product feedback and complaints
  • External expertise of experts, institutes, norms and standards

All processes are mapped and constantly developed in InTech+. This enables us to channel the know-how of our employees into the development of high-quality and innovative components and assemblies. Our experts from all areas of the company use the InTech+ Centre for the research and development of new technologies. If a new task is pending for application development, we are already one step ahead through InTech+ because we can draw from our own experience. However, we do not only use InTech+ for customer projects: With targeted investments and a first-class level of training, we also promote the progress of our own employees and in the long term, the innovation climate within our company structures. All contents of the knowledge database are evaluated and consolidated by the InTech+ team, and placed at the employees’ disposal.

Why did we choose InTech+?

InTech+ is an internal competence centre that provides the concentrated know-how of Bilstein & Siekermann® in such a way that it is practical and quick to use for all employees. With each project, our processes and our products improve, as we learn from them. Through InTech+, the knowledge that the company as a whole has at its disposal, and which is growing day by day, can also be used by all employees. In this way, the whole company benefits.

Dominik Hoffmann
Dominik Hoffmann

Applications engineering

Innovations in its professional form

We are your development partner in the field of solutions for complex formed metal parts. Our BSH engineering specialists assess your requirements and applications in depth, and work with you to develop components that best meet your needs. In doing so, it goes without saying that we use the pooled wisdom of our knowledge database InTech+ and apply it for the benefit of your project. Let's create the future together!

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Benefits of using InTech+:

  1. Sustainable protection and structuring of the company’s accumulated knowledge
  2. Rapid decision-making assistance for recurring issues
  3. Use of empirical experience to develop high quality and innovative products
  4. Work simplification through prompt access to empirical knowledge
  1. Instant retrieval of details of previous projects
  2. Easy access via intranet and therefore direct availability at the workplace
  3. Simplification of processes and decisions
  4. Avoidance of errors by benefiting from past experience
This is InTech+

This is InTech+

The InTech+ knowledge base includes our company’s accumulated knowledge of processes, materials, methods, and applications – digitally accessible to our teams from all business units. Direct access at the workplace provides us and you, our customer, with a quick decision aid for recurring problems and facilitates work by retrieving experience knowledge when needed.

  • Use of detailed knowledge from projects
  • Falling back on proven methods
  • Developing new things, based on experience
  • Save time, costs and resources together
How InTech+ works

How InTech+ works

InTech+ is integrated into BSH's intranet. Our employees can access it directly via digital input and output devices at their workplaces, and can feed in and retrieve their knowledge. This creates a perfect environment for customised solutions. Tell us what challenges you are facing and the purpose of your application and with InTech+ we will find answers to your questions regarding material and manufacturing processes.

  • We improve your efficiency through digitised processes
  • We will make our knowledge available to you
  • We develop customised solutions
  • Benefit from our expertise
Your advantages with InTech+

Your advantages with InTech+

We place our knowledge at your disposal through a search function so that you can make the best use of it in a practical and timely manner. As a customer you enjoy many advantages, since all product features and project histories are stored on InTech+ and can be accessed when needed – at the beginning of a development process as well as in the event of further inquiries. Take advantage of the opportunity to form a development partnership. We will be happy to accompany you and your tasks right from the start.

  • Structured supply of information
  • Competent context evaluation
  • Provision of project details
  • Integration of external expertise

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