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Location China

  • Bilstein & Siekermann Cold Forming (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
  • Building 6, No.188, East Guangzhou Rd.
    Taicang City, 215413
    Jiangsu Province, PR China
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Diverse Selection for Professional Standards

High-Quality and Precise

Building on our more than fifty years of experience, we have developed a unique combination of cost-effective production processes from which our customers directly profit. Since 1965, we cold-form products customer-specifically and in conformity with norms conforming to DIN, which means we need considerably less raw material and are able to significantly reduce production costs. Through a detailed review we make sure that our products meet the highest demands in terms of quality, technical component cleanliness and measurement precision.  

In order to implement these technologies ideally for our customers, we place high value on thorough consulting in advance. In the framework of a forming situation, we show, for example, how the newly finished cold pressed component will look in detail and assume in part the application development including cost calculation and production planning.