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Application tips

When creating your documents for Bilstein & Siekermann®, please note the following:

  • We are looking for considered, error-free and complete applications. Please take the time necessary to create your application carefully.
  • Provide us with an overview of your skills and knowledge. In your application, please tell us why you would like to work for Bilstein & Siekermann®. Give factual and technical reasons why you are the best candidate for the vacancy.
  • We prefer online applications that you can upload to our website. We expect a cover letter, cover sheet, CV and certificates, and, if possible, work samples. The cover letter should be no longer than one A4 page. You should list your strengths and areas of expertise that match the job you are applying for and also your motivation for applying, in a concise and succinct manner.
  • Remember to state your contact information in the cover letter and CV. Make sure your email address makes a serious impression and not a frivolous one. If necessary, create a new address with your name for your application process.
  • Ensure that your application has a consistent structure. Use only one font for your application and structure it intelligently. In principle, the requirements of an application depend on the vacancy. See our job postings for relevant information.
  • An application photo is not mandatory, but a photo does help to create a personal and lasting impression. Your application photo should look professional, which is why it is advisable going to a professional photographer. Ask for a digital copy of the photograph for online applications. In email applications, the application photo should be placed on the CV or cover sheet.
  • The CV should contain your personal information and your education and training history in a coherent and structured manner, which is why a tabular CV is a good idea. Avoid inconsistencies and errors. Show your strengths in the CV. Typically, CVs are structured as follows: Personal data, education with final grades, military or civilian service, professional experience and work placements. You can also enter any longer periods of time abroad into your CV. In addition, social or voluntary work should be mentioned as they tell us about your social skills. Do not forget to mention any special knowledge that could fit the chosen vacancy. These include computer, foreign language and technical skills.
  • Your self-assessment should be honest and thoughtful, as a face-to-face conversation will address these special skills. You can also mention any hobbies, however they should be compatible with the vacancy you are applying for. Basic IT skills become apparent in the way the CV is designed. You can make your CV stand out by applying a little bit of creativity and structure.
  • Your application should include copies of the last two school reports where you received your highest school qualification. You should scan the certificates for attachment to your online application.
  • If you have any other certificates, you should also include them as attachments to your application. These could include work documents and certificates relating to work placements.

If possible, please apply online with our application tool or by email.

Britta Ubl
Britta Ubl

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