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50 Years of Tradition and Innovation

Our History


In the Beginning, there were Two Men…

Ferdinand Bilstein and Arnold Siekermann decided to build a company in the Eifel. Here, the future managing directors find both the best conditions and the support of the city of Hillesheim. 


With the Support of Hillesheim…

Hillesheim provides a suitable construction site for the new settlement. In April, it is possible to start with the construction of the first fabrication facility and, in September, production begins with 5 employees. On October 3rd, 1956, the company was ceremoniously opened under the name of “Bilstein & Siekermann”. By the end of the year, the number of employees has increased to 15. 


A Training Workshop is Created…

In order to cover the need for trained technicians in the future with people from our own company, the first trainees are hired. This creates the foundation for a training workshop.  Included in the range of products at that time are locking screws compliant with DIN drawings, slotted nuts as well as socket fittings. 


50 Employees Select a Council…

The 50th employee is hired and it becomes necessary to remodel the rooms for the purchasing and sales departments, and administration; the first works council is formed. 


In the Technical Passing Lane…

Instead of the conventional manufacture of locking screws through machining, the switch is made to more cost-effective cold forming.   


The Calling of Expansion…

Cold forming as well as the additional acquisition of six-spindle automated lathes bring with them additional challenges. The production facilities are expanded, where a larger training workshop is also housed.  


Suddenly having Large Shoes to Fill…

On May 11th, 1967, Ferdinand Bilstein, the co-founder of the newly constructed plant in Hillesheim, passed away suddenly. Rolf Bilstein assumes the responsibility for a lot of jobs. In the difficult days after his father’s death, he breaks off his studies and dedicates himself to the commercial concerns of the company in particular. 


In Transition…

Bilstein & Siekermann becomes a GmbH & Co. KG with the managing directors Rolf Bilstein and Arnold Siekermann. In the same year, Rolf Bilstein returns to the plant in Voerde and also succeeds his father in the executive management. In Hillesheim, additional expansions become necessary and the continued existence of the company is secured through the expansion of the automated lathes and the cold forming equipment.


Expansion of Executive Management…

The constantly increasing number of private vehicles also creates good business for Bilstein & Siekermann. The executive management is expanded with Mr. Bernd Clever.


Traditional and Modern

Dieter Siekermann takes the place of his father, Arnold Siekermann, in the executive management of Bilstein & Siekermann GmbH & Co. KG.There follows additional expansion in construction as well as the expansion of the automated lathing equipment and the cold forming equipment. 


More than 12,000 ahead…

Bilstein & Siekermann equips itself for the future with the completion of a new production and warehousing facility. Over all there is an area of 12,000 m² available.


Another Member…

The owning Bilstein & Siekermann families decide to sell their shares to INDUS Holding AG, in order to provide the company with long-term opportunities in a larger corporate group. The Chief Executive Officer of INDUS Holding AG, Helmut Ruwisch, joins the executive management of Bilstein & Siekermann. 


In the Original Sense…

The new owner, Indus Holding AG, insists on continuity and growth. This shows the investments of the last four years. Along with the multi-spindle automated lathes, an investment was made in 5-stage cold former in 2005. Bilstein & Siekermann wants to expand its market position in that it invests in new technologies.

At the end of April 2006, Mr. Bernd Clever is released to his well-earned retirement after 30 years of work for the company. Since March 2006, Mr. Bruno Hirtz is the CEO in Hillesheim.