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BSH clean®

We ensure component cleanliness throughout the process

Contamination or loose surface particles cannot be avoided wherever metal workpieces are produced. These can be caused by dirty conveyor lines and containers or by flaking zinc-flake coatings. In recent years, the lack of residual particles has become a real quality feature because even residual dirt particles can seriously interfere with assembly and application processes.

We pursue a strategy for technical component cleanliness to ensure that our components and assemblies meet the high standards of our customers. It consists of interlocking measures and involves upstream processes as well as production processes. We treat the parts, machines and plants in production as carefully as possible, we use washing systems and we also work with experienced, reliable external partners. As early as the enquiry and offer phase, we make recommendations to potential customers, e.g. to avoid using zinc-flake coatings. The laboratory monitors the residual amount of dirt on the surface of our components at the end of the process chain.

Your benefits

  1. Much less dirt and residual particles
  2. Avoidance of faults and deposits at points critical for the function
  3. Avoidance of system failures
  1. Longer maintenance intervals
  2. Improved product quality
  3. Implementation of cleaning quality according to customer standards or requirements

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