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Purchasing & Suppliers

Do you have services or products that could be of interest to us? We would be thrilled to learn more about you. Our need for external suppliers and service providers is high and constantly increasing. Our interest also exceeds our current need. We are open to new ideas for cooperation, complex services or new technical solutions. Just contact us.  

Our Service for Suppliers
Just contact us!

Quality is a holistic construct consisting of many individual components in which our partners and suppliers are decisively involved. The selection of a fitting partner is very important to us at Bilstein & Siekermann, since our suppliers are an important part of our production cycle.

In order to offer our customers a stable, consistent product quality as well as excellent service and attractive prices, we rely on first-class partners and suppliers. Our suppliers must meet the highest demands of international industrial sectors.

We will be glad to answer your concrete questions about our purchasing conditions:

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