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Upswing in training year 2018

This year, once again, many committed and promising young people will be embarking on apprenticeships at our Hillesheim site. In six forward-looking professions, they will learn skills, and also how to secure the high quality and the innovative spirit of Bilstein & Siekermann® for the long-term and carry it out into the world. The beginning of 2018 is the right time to take a look at the training opportunities at Bilstein & Siekermann®.

Modern jobs in the picturesque Eifel region

Those who grow up in Blankenheim, Daun or Gerolstein are often not aware that in our beautiful region there are forward-looking training opportunities in high-tech metalworking professions. Working closely with local schools, we are informing students about these attractive regional prospects for the future.

Our activities include organising information days and offering traineeships and vacation jobs which give those that are interested the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes look at Bilstein & Siekermann®. In this way, school students can experience at first hand working in a global and innovative partner of the automotive industry, and become interested in joining the company.

Technical apprenticeships and dual degrees

We offer three modern technical apprenticeships in addition to a tailored dual degree course. The cutting mechanic apprentice learns how to precisely handle modern CNC milling machines and highly complex production systems. At the end of this, he knows how to set up, test and ensure the quality of the parts produced.

A lot of creativity and precision is required by future tool mechanics. As customer needs change, we need to create new tools that are precise down to a hundredth of a millimetre. The most recent of our apprenticeships is for punching and forming mechanics. These people program the large production machines, learn how to make prototypes, carry out tests and are subsequently responsible for series production.

The dual study programme combines these technical apprenticeships with a degree at the University of Trier. Students complete both an apprenticeship and a degree n just four years.

Commercial training with good prospects

We also offer three other commercial apprenticeships. The office management assistant learns how to create analyses and business reports, and organise operational processes. The industrial management assistant learns about purchasing, sales, accounting and human resources before specialising in one of these fields.

We also train warehouse logistics specialists. Every year, Bilstein & Siekermann® ships our 85 million parts across the world – a lot of responsibility for logistics specialists. After their training, they are responsible for vehicle routing, coordinating inventory and organising shipments.

Intensive youth work pays off

Due to the fact that we work with international customers for the most part, the bakers in the region were more well known than we were. Since 2012, we have been consistently working on our image as an employer in the Eifel region. We take part in career fairs, sponsor youth sports and are committed to maintaining listed monuments in the area.

And it is paying off. We are now receiving more and more applications for our apprenticeships, we are delighted that apprentices opt to stay with us at the end of their apprenticeships, and our employee fluctuation is almost at zero. We are always happy to accept applications for the next training year.

Upswing in training year 2018

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