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Skilled professionals and young talent for Germany's most beautiful region

A job in the heart of the Volcanic Eifel region, between the lakes, endless forests and mineral water springs – few companies can offer all this. Our new, focussed regional marketing strategy is aimed at raising the profile of Bilstein & Siekermann®'s business location to prospective employees, so that we can continue to access a large pool of experienced and motivated professionals.

Historic location for Bilstein & Siekermann®

In 1954, Eifel-born Ferdinand Bilstein and Arnold Siekermann were looking for a local site for their first production facility. The picturesque Hillesheim provided them with a suitable property for the first factory building. As early as 1957, Bilstein & Siekermann® sets up its first training workshop to provide the fast growing company with sufficient new recruits.

Skilled workers from all over Germany are recruited to drive the continued expansion of the company. Many of them do not know enough about the Volcanic Eifel region to be interested in moving here. Regional marketing helps to convey the benefits of this particular region.

Hillesheim – a model European town in a picturesque setting

Using different advertising campaigns, regional marketing will highlight the positive features of the unique region. Located in the heart of the Volcanic Eifel region, the picturesque town of Hillesheim makes it easy to identify these benefits:

Hillesheim is the smallest of just five German model towns for the European urban regeneration campaign. It is a great honour that it shares with the famous Hanseatic City of Hamburg. From kindergartens to care homes for the elderly, Hillesheim features all important social institutions; theatres, cabarets, lectures and concerts serve to satisfy cultural interests.

Sunny plateaus, dormant volcanoes and crystal-clear lakes shape the natural environment that draws plenty of residents to relax there every weekend. There are numerous hiking and cycling paths with the most beautiful views, as well as a 125-kilometre long GEO path that provides interesting insights into the origins of this exciting volcanic region.

How Bilstein & Siekermann® advertises and promotes the region

The regional marketing project has two key objectives: on the one hand, we want to find motivated apprentices to train in our in-house facilities for interesting work at Bilstein & Siekermann®. On the other hand, we want to attract qualified graduates from the surrounding universities to bring the latest expertise into the company.

High-impact photos on our website and all marketing materials show our strong relationship with the region. The campaign ‘Recognising what's good.’ is designed to specifically target highly skilled people and make them feel at home. To do this, we will be placing tailored image campaigns in the most popular media of the target group.

As an active employer in the region, we support local clubs and organisations. Bilstein & Siekermann® also supports the restoration of important historic monuments. Neighbours rightly perceive us as a responsible company and come to our information days at local schools.

Success – people who will fit with us over the long term

Our regional marketing approach is working. Supported by employer branding, which has been in place since 2012, we are now able to attract enough talent and junior staff to work with us at the Hillesheim site to drive research and produce turned and cold formed parts.

The high level of company loyalty is a positive side effect of our campaigns. We recruit people who know exactly what Bilstein & Siekermann® stands for before applying, and who actively work towards our customer promise of ‘Design the Future Professionally’.

Skilled professionals and young talent for Germany's most beautiful region

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