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InTech+ – a central nervous system for our expertise

Innovation needs knowledge that is accessible. Our InTech+ knowledge base brings together the experience and expertise of our workforce and makes it available to our customers throughout the group. This is the fertile ground that ensures that the bold ideas of our specialists grow into high-quality developments. These ideas that deliver significant economic benefits to our customers are earning us innovation prizes. This is what InTech+is.

What sets InTech+ apart from other knowledge databases?

Knowledge databases collect information about products, standards and processes in an organisation. They form the central storage place in a comprehensive process that starts with gathering information. With its innovative features, InTech+ takes on the most important process: the interface with people.

Easy and targeted access to the valuable pool of expertise is what makes InTech+ so important. Our system facilitates improves the assessment, merging and accessibility of all incoming documents. Every member of the staff of Bilstein & Siekermann(R) has access to the vast wealth of information that we have gathered from over 60 years of production, engineering and quality management experience at his or her desk.

The 3 strengths of InTech+

Our InTech+ knowledge base features three key features:


All of the documented content in InTech+ is written by our specialists in each department themselves. They ensure the correct technical and factual description of each project stage, every ongoing development and the entire logistics and production processes.


InTech+ is available to all employees as a comprehensive repository of knowledge. It allows relevant content to be retrieved quickly and easily using typed keywords. We also provide our customers with the information they need about technology and the latest InTech+ innovations.


InTech+ is innovative in two ways. On the one hand, our store of knowledge documents all progress in our processes and products. On the other, the technology behind InTech+ is innovative in itself. A special InTech+ competency team at the dedicated competency centre ensures that database and access options are kept up-to-date.

InTech+ interdisciplinary knowledge

InTech+ is the long-term memory of the expertise of all employees. When an experienced employee retires, his or her years of experience is preserved in the system. Our employees are the greatest asset in the company. They make an overwhelming contribution to the pool of expertise shown in InTech+, from production to engineering to quality management.

In addition, customer requirements and customer experiences are included in the database. They enhance our experience of how our products are used and in which sectors they prove their worth. Any feedback on our products complements our understanding of their use, especially when used innovatively in exceptional circumstances.

In addition, our knowledge compendium also stores technical literature, technical articles, norms and standards. This allows our employees at any time direct access to all the latest developments and technical information.

How we use InTech+

Staff from the application development and engineering departments save specifications, descriptions, and CAD templates for each project in InTech+. Quality management adds product requirements, any customer specifics and all test results.

Employees will find the description of the complete production process in InTech+ for every part we produce. This will allows rapid clarification of questions and the integration of suggestions for improvement. InTech+ saves us time and improves the quality of all our products.

At the same time, InTech+ provides information to educate our apprentices and to induct new employees. To do this, InTech+ archives all the information about the current and historical products of Bilstein & Siekermann(R). It also stores key customer project drivers. All employees have access to the facts and information about their project in one single location.

Immediate implementation of adjustments

The manufacture of crucial connecting parts by means of cold-pressing allows our customers to enjoy a great economic room for manoeuvre compared to traditional production processes. As a result, customers from the mechanical engineering and automotive industries regularly ask us in future to produce specific parts using cold forming .

This is when our development and production experts tap the wealth of experience that is available in InTech+ around the clock. Our specialists can quickly determine where a process adjustment is needed to ensure that finished locking bolts, sleeves or latching screws have optimal material characteristics on completion of the forming process.

Open access to all relevant metrics from previous series allows quick and reliable implementation of new or changed projects. In addition to the quality of our final products, our regular customers value the excellent speed of response achieved by InTech+.

InTech<sup>+</sup> – a central nervous system for our expertise

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