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Important Award for Innovation

Forming specialist Bilstein & Siekermann® is now a top 100 company

Bilstein & Siekermann GmbH + Co. KG (BSH), as a manufacturer of complex formed metal parts, has stood for top quality products made in Germany for more than 60 years: Now the company from Hillesheim has been officially elevated into the elite of German innovation. This medium-sized company was awarded the TOP 100 award, one of the most important awards for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, in recognition of its innovative strength by Ranga Yogeshwar, Prof. Nikolaus Franke and compamedia GmbH. Bilstein & Siekermann® particularly impressed the jury in the areas of ‘Outside Orientation/Open Innovation’ and ‘Innovation Success’.

Since 1993, compamedia, the Baden-Württemberg media company, has awarded the TOP 100 seal every year to medium-sized companies for special innovative creativity and exceptional success in innovation . The scientific head of the jury is Professor Nikolaus Franke, founder and chairman of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and one of the leading international researchers in innovation. Ranga Yogeshwar, the science journalist and TV presenter, is a mentor of TOP 100. The project partners are the Fraunhofer Association for the Promotion of Applied Research and the BVMW Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

“We are very proud of this recognition of our ability to innovate, and we see our strength primarily in the close integration of development and construction with powerful production processes,” commented Bilstein & Siekermann® Managing Director, Bruno Hirtz. The forming specialist manufactures approximately 2,000 different products – cold forming parts and turned parts – which are used in various industries, including automotive, mechanical and plant engineering. The portfolio includes screw plugs and sleeves, screws and bolts, as well as high-tech and complex turned parts manufactured on CNC and cam-controlled turning machines. The unique feature of production is that Bilstein & Siekermann® apply a cold forming process that uses a unique combination of cost-effective manufacturing methods: Compared to conventional machining, cold forming reduces the consumption of raw materials to a minimum. Accordingly, the company’s machine park also incorporates state-of-the-art, electronically controlled cold forming presses. “In the future, we want to focus less on products and more on the development and technology partnership with our customers,” says Bruno Hirtz, Managing Director.

By the way, the TOP 100 is not the first award for this innovative medium-sized company Bilstein & Siekermann® has been nominated again for one of Germany's most prestigious business prizes, and in 2016 it even got through to the final round: This medium-sized company was among the finalists from Rhineland-Palatinate in the Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises competition.

Bilstein & Siekermann®’s unique InTech+ competency centre also contributes to strengthening know-how and innovation: It combines the experience of the past few decades of the company's history into a gigantic knowledge base that is available to all employees. With InTech+, staff can research details from past projects and tap into their colleagues’ experience in all areas of the organisation. A knowledge management system of this kind saves time, cost, and resources. “We, and the entire team, are delighted that Bilstein & Siekermann® is a successful and innovative company and that it is well prepared for the challenges of the future,” said Bruno Hirtz, Managing Director.

The company Bilstein & Siekermann®:

Bilstein & Siekermann GmbH + Co. KG (BSH) from Hillesheim in the Volcanic Eifel region, was founded in 1956 and manufactures complex metal formed parts, including various screws, bolts and shells. These cold-forming parts and turned parts are used in the automotive industry as well as in the mechanical and plant engineering industry. BSH generates annual sales of approximately EUR 23 million. In 2003, the company was taken over by INDUS Holding AG. In 2016, BSH opened a subsidiary of Bilstein & Siekermann Coldforming (Taicang), Co. Ltd. near Shanghai, which produces specifically for the local market.

Important Award for Innovation

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