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Cutting edge design with clear lines

Website relaunch – with a new, uncluttered design, a clear structure, and a targeted customer pitch.

The beauty of a company website on the Internet: You can always add new content whenever you want and communicate the latest information on the company. The challenge: As the company grows and expands its product and service range, and new customer groups are added, at some point, the website may become cluttered. Then it becomes time for something new.

And this is something we are currently working on: Bilstein & Siekermann® is designing a completely new website in collaboration with the Welke Consulting Group®, – with a new, uncluttered design, a clear structure, and a targeted customer pitch.

The background: The continued addition of new content has meant that the current site has grown significantly and has become very complex. Even if the information is up-to-date, it is not presented in a user-friendly manner. There is little sign of a coherent concept. There are also shortfalls with respect to the content and relevance to key customer groups, because new target audiences, such as the construction industry and the hydraulic industry, were not even being considered on the previous website.

These customer groups, who have so far had little experience with Bilstein & Siekermann®'s products and applications, will now be the focus of the conversation on the new website, together with our established target groups – automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, and trade and services. This required a lot of preparation: The content for the new website was developed in a series of workshops with the Welke Consulting Group® – the specific focus was on customer typology and communication of the customer benefits. The next step was to create a new page structure: The navigation and content on the various category and subpages had to be organised and structured according to their relevance to users. The new site now meets a number of requirements: It is well structured and easy to use, with a modern design and relevant content. It further strengthens the solution competency of Bilstein & Siekermann® in relation to our technology competency and our range of services – as BSH can produce much more than ‘just’ screw plugs.

Cutting edge design with clear lines

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