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Career orientation day at Sankt-Matthias-Gymnasium in Gerolstein, Year 9

On Wednesday 29 January 2020, Ms Ubl and I were invited to attend the 2020 career information fair at the St. Matthias Gymnasium in Gerolstein. In addition to us representing the metal industry, the local savings bank, the federal police, a company from the food industry and employees of a hospital were also invited to this event.

The day started at 7.30 am for Ms Ubl and me. We were provided with a room to talk to the Year 9 students of the grammar school about dual study and our apprenticeships at Bilstein & Siekermann®.

After a short set-up, the first students who were interested in our lecture already started joining us at 7.45 am. The advantage of this was that students came to see us in small groups, and it was easier to speak to them individually and answer their questions.

At the beginning of the presentation, Ms Ubl and I introduced ourselves. We spoke about what we did at Bilstein & Siekermann®. Then it was the students’ turn: They each introduced themselves and told us what work placements they had completed, what their experiences had been and what apprenticeships they might be interested in.

After this, the presentation started with an image film about the company. This allowed the students to get some initial impressions of our company and our manufacturing processes.
Ms Ubl provided general information about the company, such as the size of the production area and the global spread of our customers. I then presented the different manufacturing processes using video footage, stadium kits and customer parts. The students were very attentive.

After the production process presentation, Ms Ubl used charts and slides to explain the various apprenticeships as well as the dual study program that the company offers. We also showed them the different departments offering dual vocational training or dual study.
At the end of the day, all our students were provided with material on our apprenticeships and dual study programmes.

In total, five groups visited us. Several people were also interested in the Girls’ and Boys’ Day in March 2020.

All in all, it was a very successful day for everyone – for us as exhibitors and for the visiting students.

Report by Nils Jungen

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