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My commercial work placement at Bilstein & Siekermann® in June 2017

The Young Talent training day

From the first week of my work placement, I had a lot to do because I was involved in the preparation, planning and execution of the Young Talent training day on10 June 2017.

by Marvin, BBS Gerolstein

My main tasks throughout the week were to design enrolment forms, information plates, and name tags for employees and participants.

After I accepted the delivery of the beverages on 9 June, Ms Ubl and I set up the information and welcome stand and the canteen was prepared for the company presentation.
During the training day, my tasks were to welcome the visitors, hand out the name tags and help with the company tour.

The training day was attended by more than 60 school students with their parents and other interested people to gain initial insight into the company and its training opportunities for young people (see picture series).

After a company tour and a speed dating session for potential work placement candidates, apprentices and dual students, the main focus of interest was on asking questions and visiting the careers information truck of the Metal and Electrical Industry Association at this 3rd ‘Young Talents’ training day.

In addition to the ‘Young Talents’ training day, I also worked on many other activities during the following three weeks of my work placement and gained a good insight into the day-to-day work of the HR department.
My tasks included creating work placement contracts and starting an employee survey to plan and complete the training day.
In addition, I also attended the SMG Gerolstein and GSG Daun career information days with Ms Ubl where we answered questions from interested students and presented the Bilstein & Siekermann® dual study programme.

I then worked on the subject of ‘skills matrix’ by entering potential employee qualifications in the production departments into a data processing system and then mapping that data to individual employees.
The goal of this project is to know who has the skills needed to replace an absent employee in the short term, and also to increase the skills in the workforce by providing targeted training.

The bottom line:

Until now my work placement has been highly varied because I have worked on different tasks every day. In addition, my involvement in the ‘Young Talents’ training day has shown me how much work is required to organise an event like this and what activities and skills are required.

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