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Marcel Kuhl passes his apprenticeship exams 12 months ahead of time

Apprentice Marcel Kuhl has passed his exams. He performed remarkably well after curtailing his apprenticeship period by 12 months.

Marcel Kuhl, our metal cutting mechanic apprentice specialising in turning machine systems, had decided, after a very good Part 1 final exam, to reduce his training by 12 months and to take the Part 2 final exam in 2016. His instructors, Dieter Michels and Dominik Hoffmann, were happy to take this decision and work together to prepare him for his final exam.

Marcel’s ambition and diligence demonstrated just what can be achieved, as was reflected in his final exam results: this month he completed his vocational exams with an overall grade of ‘good’ (1.9).

The general manager, his instructors and all the employees in the machine department would like to congratulate him. Marcel will continue to work in this department in the future.


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