• Bilstein & Siekermann GmbH + Co.KG
  • Industriestraße 1
    54576 Hillesheim,
  • +49 6593 9862–0
  • +49 6593 9862–34

Second Office

  • Bilstein & Siekermann Cold Forming (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
  • Building 6, No.188, East Guangzhou Rd.
    Taicang City, 215413
    Jiangsu Province, PR China
  • +86 512 5367 9774
  • +86 512 5367 9765

Working with Bilstein & Siekermann

People make the difference with Bilstein & Siekermann. Personalities make our company. Get to know our employees.

Challenge, freedom and know-how lived out practically: The people of Bilstein & Siekermann constantly prove themselves through their competence, shape the company’s growth and inspire others through their quality and exceptional performance.

“Bilstein & Siekermann is the first employee to disclose its perspectives to me and allow me to develop my own through continuing education programmes and through my own freedom in decision making.” (Thomas Kuhn, 38, Key Account Manager)

A spirit of discovery and energy flow together, when new trails must be blazed and goals must be reached. Motivated people with solid teams open up shared vistas and individual perspectives at Bilstein & Siekermann.

“At Bilstein & Siekermann, my previous experiences were simply topped. The great thing about it is that one can always set one’s self new goals here.” (Sabrina Reichert, 28, Junior Sales Manager)

A values-oriented company culture values and esteems each individual employee and supports them all in achieving not merely good results, but the best possible ones. Bilstein & Siekermann: These names are synonymous with reliable teams, clear structures and commitment in all concerns.

“At Bilstein & Siekermann, we see both the people and the results of their work. This gives me the security that I need.”  (Herbert, 40, Cutting Machine Operator)

Take hold of the future and grow with Bilstein & Siekermann. We foster and promote young talent so that they develop valuable skills and learn how to face personal challenges on the basis of their own independent work. 

“The insights that I get here are more than diverse. The best thing is that I can work out things myself and don’t have to just stand there.” (Jelena Schäfer, 18, Trainee)